The MML (Mega M-Lok) upper

Coming in spring of 2015, Mega Arms is launching Magpul M-Lok variants of MKM, the MML.

The MML will be available for both AR-15 and MATEN, coming in all current MKM lengths and the new Mega Extended 16 inch hand guard,

Also shown is our Wedge Lock hand guard, available first in M-Lok and later in Key Mod.



14 Responses to The MML (Mega M-Lok) upper

  1. steve kindel says:

    Hey when do guys plan on doing a limited run of M-Lok uppers in nickel boron to match my mega upper and lower receiver sets in nickel boron ?

    • Kyle says:

      I haven’t heard anything on the subject. I can say that because of the new EPA rules that have affected NiB ingredient slightly there is now a slight color variation, the NiB is a little darker, due to the removal of some elements.

  2. Steve says:

    How will your new Wedge Lock handguards address anti rotation concerns?

    • Kyle says:

      There is an anti rotation pin in the same position as the one on the Noveske NSR rail, we build it into our billet standard uppers too.

  3. Dan Unterfenger says:


    How About A Install Video On New Wedge Lock Hand Guards? Will This hand Guard Work On Your Mega AR 15 Ambi Billet Upper?


  4. Joshua M Black says:

    Please please please make it in FDE that comes close to Magpul’s…

  5. Tom says:

    Will the wedge lock work on the : MEGA MATEN 308 Upper / Ambi Lower / CH – Combo?

    Is there any ETA for the Maten AR10 wedge lock?

    I’ve had the Maten combo for more than a year and half waiting for the perfect hand guard.

    • Kyle says:

      The Wedge lock will only work on AR-15 for now, once the MATEN version is available (some time in the second half of 2015) it will work with our MATEN Billet Set, M308-0903-HA, M308-0904-HA and M308-0903-NB.

      • Tom says:

        Hi Guys,
        Is there any update on the ETA for the wedge lock hand guard that will work with the MATEN Billet set?

        • Kyle says:

          We should have some by Shot Show in January. We will announce it here and on our Facebook page as soon as we have finished samples form the initial run.

  6. Jaime says:

    Will you be offering individual hand guards in M-Lok for existing owners of MKM uppers?

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