26 Responses to MKM 2

  1. Jon Beaman says:

    Looks alot like the noveske NSR

  2. Bryan says:

    Looking good! Are you guys going to have a quad rail version or just the key mod in ar-15 platform?

  3. rick says:

    the MKM 2 looks awesome. Will there be compatibility of the handguard with previous maten upper receivers.

    Still awaiting my maten combo, and reviewing possible handguard options. Would rather go OEM, with a Mega Barrel when it’s available and MKM handguard.

    Your thoughts please.

    • Mega Arms says:

      The handguard will only fit the MKM upper. It will not fit the Maten Upper Receiver part #M308-0350-HA (which is the upper also used in our Maten sets). Be looking for the pricing on these to be released this week.


  4. K Curtis says:

    Is your keymod compatible with other brands such as Noveske’s line of NSR rails? Thanks.

  5. Dave says:

    Will you offer any KeyMod accessories, e.g., Sling mount post for attaching Harris Bi pods?

  6. Tim says:

    According the recent Army times, it will retail for about $552. Go to Is it for sale yet? Can I order it online?

    • Mega Arms says:

      Here is MSRP on our MKM product:
      MKM-4420-HA Key-Mod Upper Rifle Length $552.00
      MKM-5520-HA Key-Mod Upper Extended Rifle Length $583.00
      MKM-4420-HA-SA Key-Mod Set (upper and lower) Rifle Lenght $883.00
      MKM-5520-HA-SA Key-Mod Set (upper and lower) Extended Rifle Length $914.00

      The uppers should hit the market this month. The sets will be a little longer before they hit the market. You will have to order it from one of our current dealers. Thanks.

  7. Johnny Butler says:

    Would like info on this system and release date so I can purchase one
    Thank you

  8. Derrick says:

    When will the MKM Maten be available?

    • Mega Arms says:

      The upper itself will be shipped to dealers this month. The sets will still be a few months out as we are trying to fill the orders as they were received. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

  9. Francis says:

    What is the length of your rifle length and extended rifle length handguards?

    I believe this is the route I will be going for my .308 AR builds.

    • Mega Arms says:

      The hand guard length for rifle length is twelve inches and the length for extended is fourteen inches. You will love the MKM design. It is light and very easy to work with. Thank you!

  10. Ben Arc says:

    How do I get notified when the AR15 version is available?

  11. Brice says:

    Do you have a timeframe on M-Lok versions for the AR15 MKM or Megalithic?

  12. Brian says:

    Will you be releasing an AR15 Megalithic upper with m-lok and if so when?

  13. Conner says:

    Any updates on the m-lok megalithic upper?

    • Kyle says:

      I’m told it has been designed and the first test sample is about to be manufactured. We also plan to make a 14″ extended rifle length version and possibly also a 9″ Mid-Length version.

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