MKM MATEN Sneak Peek

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  1. matt obadal says:

    PLease send me any info on price and expectation time on when I can get one.

  2. Ronald Ortiz says:

    Please send pricing and approximate shipping date.

  3. Dan Darden says:

    Will these new uppers (ar-15 and maten) still “line up” with your current billet lowers like the previous monolithics did?

  4. Mark says:

    Really looking forward to this new design! I have two of your billet lower builds (.556 & .308) that are waiting for this to be released.

    Will these work with the Adam Arms piston system under the hand guard?


    • Mega Arms says:

      The AR-15 which won’t be release until spring will work with Mega Arms piston kit, the Maten is the first one to be released and we don’t sell a piston kit for it nor does Adams Arms make one.

      • J says:

        As a customer and big fan of the MATEN. I would like to extend a huge thank you. As we all know to side step possible new regulations in the future, all you need is the lowers to any platform. Thank you for re-designing your new uppers around your existing lowers. Obviously kept your customer in mind. Bad *ss the new upper system mates to the sick lowers. Cant believe all the people standing in line and on waiting list for full operating systems. People by up the lowers Mega Arms makes damn good ones!

  5. Colby says:

    Is that rail the same as the production version? I am on the fence on going MATEN or AR15 on my next build. Cant wait to see these in person.

    • Mega Arms says:

      If you are asking if it is the same rail system as the monolithic, it is not. The Maten is going to be released first and the AR-15 will be released in the spring. Thanks

  6. Ed says:

    Did you abandon the monolithic upper concept? Picture looks like your billet upper/lower combo with a scaled up Noveske NSR for the rail. Is there something significantly different here that can’t be replicated for an AR-15 by buying one of your upper/lower sets and an NSR?

    • Mega Arms says:

      We did not abandon the monolithic upper, we stopped production of it. Carl Lewis of LMT acquired a patent and we stopped manufacturing them. The MKM is a replacement for the monolithic and it is a two piece system. The MKM is different in many ways to the Noveske NSR but we do both utilize the key mod system.

      • Ed says:

        Poor choice of words on my part, what I meant was – when you guys first discontinued the Monolithic uppers, it sounded like you would be working on a replacement Monolithic platform. Have you come to the conclusion that it would be unfeasible for you to sell any monolithic design?

        For the MKM and the AR-15 you have coming, is it a different receiver set than what you already have out, with just the rail assembly being new, or are you going to be changing the receivers to go with the new Keymod rail as well?

        Are these Keymod rails (both for the MKM and the later AR-15) straight from Noveske, or are you guys making these in-house and putting your own spin on them?

        Appreciate that you guys are taking the time to answer questions.

        • Mega Arms says:

          We had to stop making a monolithic becasue Carl Lewis of LMT has a patent, therefore, legally we are unable to make any monolithic platform. We have changed to a two piece product.

          The MKM is a different receiver set than what we already have out. When you purchase the MKM from us, it is the receiver, the hand guard, the screws, the nut, the nut wrench and one key mod rail. The key mod rail is a Mega Arms design and Mega Arms manufactured part. It will fit our current lowers.

          Thank you for your interest our product, please let us know if you have any other questions.

          • Ed says:

            Would you mind telling exactly what is different in an MKM receiver than the current MATEN? Or what would be different in your new AR-15 receiver set from your current model?

          • Mega Arms says:

            The MKM is differnt becuase it is soley designed to go with our hand guard where and will only be sold as a set where as our Maten Receiver set is desgined to go with other manufacture’s hand guards. That is the same for our AR-15.

  7. Gene says:

    when are you going to have pricing on this because im not sure if i should get a regular upper and a different hand guard also is it machined from billet? will you offer the upper (mega hand guard capable) without the hand guard so you could buy it at a different time? thanks

  8. Dan says:

    Will you also be releasing “standard” quad-rail hand guards alongside the key mod ones?

  9. Scott says:

    I just received an e-mail from Mega Arms that these are now available for order–that is great! Are they available in Nickel Boron?

  10. JB Smith says:

    Will you be offering just the upper receiver with the key mod hand guard or do we have to buy the receiver set?

  11. Andrew Piepho says:

    How do I order the ma ten? I’ve heard great things and was looking at building an ar-10 to hunt with. After reading such glowing reviews from forums and gun reviews etc I would like to purchase one. I have an ffl dealer to ship to. I would really buy!

  12. Ray says:

    What is the MSRP for the 7.62 Maten and when will it be available for order?

    • Mega Arms says:

      We don’t sell complete Maten rifles. We are taking orders for all our product right now.

      • Aaron says:

        I’ve searched high and low, and I don’t see where I can place an order on any of your products… I realize that demand is far outselling supply, but is there any end in sight for us that want to buy one of these?? I would LOVE to be able to order from you directly right now :)

        We are all racing against the potential “ban” clock. Perhaps the paranoia is misplaced (maybe it’s not) – regardless, there’s a lot of us that just want to order and get confirmation that it’s coming.

        Is there any place out there (today) that we can back order from, and get a shipment date? I don’t see any…

        • Mega Arms says:

          The industry in inundated with orders right now. We don’t sell direct to the public, but if you call, I would be happy to suggest a few dealers for you. You can also look under our dealer page for a dealer. Right now if you place an order with us, we are looking at a minimum ship date of November. Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

          • Aaron says:

            Thanks for a speedy reply. I’ve gone through the list of re-sellers, and they are all sold out – with no back order abilities. Unless you have an inside scoop? If so, I can definitely give you a call!

          • Mega Arms says:

            Please call Mega at 360-918-0054.

  13. Adam Grasch says:

    I have always wanted an AR-10 rifle and was late to the game with all the sell outs. I am really impressed with your MATEN receiver set. I would love to get on a order list but every online dealer does not allow back orders.
    Is there anyone I can call and actually get a confirmed place in the long line?
    Thank you very much for your time.

  14. keith benzer says:

    where can i get one.

    • Mega Arms says:

      Keith, you can order with one of our current dealer, if you call in to our office, I can recommend who to call. I know of a few dealers that are still accepting backorders. Thanks (360-918-0054).

  15. Dave Whitley says:

    Saw your product (MKM-MATEN) in the Army times and it read that it was going for $552 (rifle length). Would like to inquire as to how I can go about purchasing this product from you? Also would like to inquire as to the products completeness? 11 Feb 2013 Army Times has it with scope and what looks to be tripod? Either way…want to purchase this product from you when it becomes available. Thank you in advance for your attention and reply.

    Dave Whitley

    • Mega Arms says:


      Our MKM Maten Key Mod upper comes with: MKM upper, hand guard, screws, barrel wrench, barrel nut and one 9 slot rail. There are two options with the Maten Key Mod either rifle length (12″ hand guard) or extended rifle length (14″ hand guard). The rifle length MSRP is $552.00 and the extended rifle length MSRP is $583.00.

      We also offer the MKM Maten Key Mod in sets. This would come with: upper, hand guard, screws, ambi lower, barrel wrench, barrel nut, one 9 slot rail and charging handle. The rifle length set MSRP is $883.00 and the extended rifle length MSRP is $914.00.

      We also sell .308 barrels. Those should be coming out to our dealers the end of this month, beginning of next month. They come in 16″, 18″ and 20″ and MSRP is $326.00.

      We don’t sell direct to the public. So I recommend buying from one of our current dealers. If you call into the office we can assist you with who to contact and also answer any other questions you might have.

      Thanks for the interest in our product.

  16. Adam Grasch says:

    I was able to grab a Maten Ambi Upper/lower kit. Yay!
    I also scored a Matem MKM upper as well. Both from JSEsurplus. Thanks for working hard for us.

    One question, I have a AR-15 NiB upper/lower backordered and I was wondering if I could use other manufacturers upper kits. I am guessing not since it is matched but I really want the NiB lower.

    Thanks again!


  17. John says:


    I am eagerly awaiting your .556 version of this system. Can you tell me how the weight of the .556 Mega MKM hand guard will compare to the weight of the Noveske NSR handguard?


  18. Dave says:

    Hi –

    Do you have a recommendation for a low profile gas block for a 0.875″ diameter barrel that will fit under the MATEN MKM?

    The two recommendations in the install instructions are only for a 0.75″ diameter barrel.


  19. David says:

    I’ve had an original monolithic MATEN sitting in my safe for a while now. I just completed my build with an ambi lower and match grade parts throughout. More than pleased with the performance of this rifle! Thank you Mega Machine for building such fine equipment.

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